Forgiatura Marcora Srl accepts the challenge of preserving nature and protecting the environment and we are committed to fulfilling the obligations set by the basic ecological principles and requirements.
By regularly assessing our environmental management system, we are continuously focussing our efforts on further minimising environmental effects such as the consumption of resources, dust and noise emissions and waste. Through the introduction of new production processes, environmental effects are first determined and then reduced to a minimum. Personal responsibility and adherence to environmental protection laws are a matter of course in our daily activities with respect to these issues.

In specifically targeted courses for training and further training, we educate and motivate our employees so that they can carry out their activities responsibly with regard to our environmental protection objectives.
We commit ourselves to inform all employees, customers, authorities and the interested public openly, objectively and comprehensively with regard to the environmental effects of our facilities and products.

We require of our suppliers that they comply with national and international environmental protection laws and that they continuously improve their environmental protection standards.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

email: roberta.marcora@forgiaturamarcora.it