Core Business of the company is the production of open die forgings up to 30 tonne to supply the main industrial market including Oil&Gas, Power Generation, Shipbuilding, Steel Industry and Mechanical Engineering in general.

Our markets are the world, we look forward to emerging markets, do not neglect the internal market and looking to strengthen the european market.

Over 70% of our sales (more than 10,000 tons of steel per year) goes to international markets: Europe, USA , South America, North Africa, China, Far East.

Oil & Gas

Body valves, special flanges, tubes, bonnets, closures, spool trees, Xmas trees, Connectors and more for both production and safety subsea installations.

Power generation

Shafts, Rotors, Gears, Bushes, Plates, Discs for steam & gas turbines, engines, compressors, wind turbines, nuclear installation.


Hafts, cylinders, pistons, columns, bushes, discs, plates, mandrels for gear boxes, paper machine, oil-pressure, mech.

Iron & steel industry

Clinders, mandrels, shafts, pinions, blocs, wheels, joints, yokes for rolling mills, steel plants, mines.

Trasportation & facilities

Rudder shafts, propeller shafts, hubs, sliding wheels, gears. rotors for helicopters, aircrafts, trains, marine industry.

Mine industry

Rings, wheels, rolls, pistons, blocs, hubs, tubes, crank shafts.